Write Something Every Day

Seth Godin, brilliant as always, talked in his June 6th podcast about the process of moving his blog site from a “sharecropper” platform (where he was the product another site was selling) to one where he was the product.  His content is written not to appear at the top of every Google search (what many know as “Search Engine Optimization”), but to be the kind of content that you pass along to friends and seek out specifically.

He also encouraged all of his listeners to create their own personal blog.  Not to make money, or to get millions of readers, but because of the discipline it gives.  To know you’ll be writing something tomorrow.  Something that will be read by the right people — by your tribe of people.  The idea is that day by day, you’ll build up a following, you’ll make connections and assertions, you’ll practice sharing your ideas and get the narrative out of your own head.

So here I am.  Writing every day.  I’ll share posts on Twitter and Facebook and occasionally LinkedIn, like a good little marketer, but ultimately, those are sharecropper platforms too.

I find joy in writing.  I hope you find joy in reading what I write.

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