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Holiday greetings for 2020

We all know that 2020 made it challenging to find moments of joy -- the pandemic, the economic crisis, civil unrest, not to mention family health issues. But just as we all found ways to adapt, we found joy when we looked for it. Since it's so easy to forget about the good things that… Continue reading Holiday greetings for 2020

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Strategic vs Tactical

Our days are so full of tasks to complete, like quests in a never-ending role-playing game. Laundry, dishes, decluttering, bills, groceries, straightening, meal prep, errands. Emails, phone calls, status reports, one-on-one check-ins, presentation revisions, invoices. Decisions, optimizations, quick fixes, interventions, assists, demonstrations, coordinations, deferments. It's both exhilarating and exhausting to check off items from the… Continue reading Strategic vs Tactical