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Just as you envisioned

One commonly held belief, shared by athletes, psychologists, and new-age gurus, is that if you invest time in envisioning a future, you're more likely to bring it about. Call it goal setting, call it controlling your reality, call it tricking your brain... however you attribute it, you can find example after example of people picturing… Continue reading Just as you envisioned


Subconsciously happy

Has your brain ever delivered you a clear lesson from a dream? I was having a particularly vivid dream involving my favorite high school teacher. (It’s interesting what bizarre topics my brain thought he’d be quizzing us on; there was an extra credit history trivia question that was a nonsense combination of real world events).… Continue reading Subconsciously happy


Joy is not all ponies and rainbows

The last two posts make it sound like choosing happiness is easy - just a matter of programming ourselves to always do so. Let's be realistic, and not buy completely into the hype. First of all, many people are playing life on "hard mode," as they fight chemical dependencies, depression, or other neurological illnesses. Those… Continue reading Joy is not all ponies and rainbows