Citizen, Human

Look for the Helpers

One town north of me, a tragedy has unfolded. Problems with an over-pressurized natural gas line led to dozens of explosions and 70+ houses on fire. Three towns have evacuated their residents.

Local news has been reporting nonstop on the craziness. But they’ve also been pointing out the places that evacuees can go for help. Firefighters from dozens of miles away rushed to the town to help. Churches and schools on the outskirts are opening their doors as temporary shelters for hundreds. Local hotels are offering their extra capacity rooms to displaced families. A local pet boarding service has offered boarding for free to displaced pets. Neighbors and friends are opening their doors and setting up air mattresses.

Fred Rogers was right. The world is full of people willing to jump in and help.


Proud Citizen

There are times where I am troubled to be an American citizen. When I worry about the direction of the country. When I get into debates with others and wonder how they could possibly believe in the policies they believe in.

Today is not one of those times. Today is a day to be a proud citizen. To know that we’ve still got it better than so many other countries, struggling with war or overwhelming poverty or oppressive governments. To know that, despite our faults and checkered history, we are doing a pretty damn good job being a nation, and that the average citizen’s level of kindness is something to be proud of.