Years ago, I caught onto the idea of writing a personal constitution, after reading several recommendations that doing so would add some clarity and purpose to one’s life.  After much reflection, I decided that my life’s purpose was to create opportunities for joy, happiness, and laughter.

Here’s what I wrote for that personal constitution.

I am a joy-bringer.  A peacemaker.  An empathizer.  A communicator.  A caregiver.  

I personally find joy by:

  • Choosing happiness, even in adverse situations
  • Keeping my sense of humor
  • Always learning and improving
  • Managing my finances to be secure but not extravagant
  • Enjoying the moment without sacrificing the future
  • Bringing joy to others

I personally create opportunities for joy in others by

  • Empathizing with others to understand what they need for joy
  • Resolving conflicts that stifle joy
  • Coaching others to improve and become joy-bringers themselves
  • Sharing my gift of music

When making a decision, I ask…  

  • Will it bring more joy?
  • Does it only give short-term joy while sacrificing long-term joy?
  • Does it bring joy to me without taking joy from others?

There is joy…

  • in a job well done
  • in a strong partnership with my wife
  • in guiding my children’s growth
  • in working together with a group to accomplish something greater
  • in a relaxing vacation
  • in a clean house
  • in teaching my family to recognize/choose happiness and to find joy in life
  • in solving problems of communication at work and aligning departments to do their jobs (so they can find joy in them)
  • in helping Otherworld participants learn about themselves
  • in singing and making/writing music
  • in a stable financial situation
  • when everything is in its place
  • when I know what I’m doing and why I’m doing it

Roles:  Father. Husband. Musician. Marketing leader. Friend. Fraternity brother. Son. Brother. Otherworld staff-member. Citizen.