The Pause Button

Yes,  yes, yes, it’s time to get moving. There’s content to write.  Bills to pay. Children to feed. A house to clean. Laundry to do. A neighborhood event demanding an appearance. Errands to run. And those are just the mandatories. What about the disorganized basement? The unfertilized lawn? The messy desk?

And yet… sometimes there’s joy in listening to your mind and body and giving them what they need. After an emotional day, and cheating on sleep schedules, swapping the normal 6am wakeup with lounging in bed until 10:30am is a welcome respite.

White space in a layout makes the text clearer to read.

Take joy in hitting the pause button. And being privileged enough to be able to hit the pause button on occasion. Make sure you don’t take it for granted. Then, if you’re recharged enough, see if you can focus that renewed energy to fill in the rest of the day.