Hiring Faith Rewarded

Pegasus-tokensToday I’m writing about the opposite of seeing thestrals. Maybe that makes it seeing… a Pegasus?  You know, the kind of deus ex machina that swoops in to help you when you didn’t realize how badly you needed it?

There’s a unique satisfaction derived from searching for a good hire, finding one, and having that person go on to reward you with great work. It’s easy to take such employees for granted. But every once in a while you ask that team member to do a task — one that you  could probably do yourself if you had the time, or perhaps that you’re not even sure how you would accomplish it without some serious thought — and then they turn around the assignment faster than you would have ever been able to. Even better, they did a great job. And then they do it again and again. And you say, Wow, this person is really making this team shine.

Keep reminding yourself that it’s worth the extra effort to hire the right person, and not to “settle.” Look for people who can soar, and help carry you to fight the work monsters  that lurk beyond your time bottlenecks.  Or if you’re on the other end, remember how much it’s worth searching until you find the right fit, with a manager that values you.

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